How to Create a Business With More Time and Wealth Prosperity


Join us on Wednesday, January 24th

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Are you ready to transform your entrepreneurial journey? Imagine a business that not only thrives financially but also enriches your life with time and freedom. Welcome to "How to Create a Business With More Time and Wealth Prosperity," a 90-minute webinar crafted exclusively for women entrepreneurs like you.

Vision: Simplify, Design, Lead

  • Simplify Your Business Model: Discover how to streamline your business for maximum efficiency and profitability. Simplify your scalable business model to create more time for yourself while increasing your revenue.

  • Design a Life and Business You Love: Step into the power of designing a business that aligns with your deepest passions and values. Design a life and business that's not just successful, but also fulfilling and joyous.

  • Lead with Impact and Mission: Embrace your role as a leader with a mission. Lead with decisions that resonate with your vision, driving your business towards meaningful success.

Develop a Business Model Aligned to YOU

Voice: Build, Double, Simplify

  • Build an Irresistible Brand: Learn the secrets to creating a brand that stands out. Build a brand that's not just noticeable but irresistible, drawing clients to you effortlessly.

  • Double and Triple Client Value: Unlock strategies to significantly increase the lifetime value of your clients. Double and triple the lifetime value by creating lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  • Simplify Your Marketing: Say goodbye to complicated marketing strategies. Simplify your approach with a content strategy that magnetically attracts your ideal 'soul clients.'

Attract more Soul Clients into Your Business

Visibility: Attract, Become, Ignite

  • Attract Hundreds of Clients: Learn how to scale your client attraction process. Move from winning one client at a time to attracting hundreds, amplifying your impact and income.

  • Become the Go-To Leader: Position yourself as a leader in your space. Become the go-to expert that clients trust and respect.

  • Ignite Your Inner Fire: Tap into your inner strength and passion. Ignite the fire within you, embodying confidence and charisma that radiates in your business.

Walk in your light as a leader

This is more than just a webinar; it's a turning point for you and your business. Join us and step into a world where your entrepreneurial dreams are not just possible but within reach. Register now and embark on a journey to create a business that brings you both time prosperity and wealth prosperity.

About Your Host Kami Guildner

Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A business coach for changemaker women of influence.

She helps her clients raise up their voice, their brand and their business so they can make the impact they desire in the world.

Kami weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients up-level their business. 

With decades of leadership, marketing, strategic planning and business growth expertise, Kami guides her clients to master their marketing, money and mindset. Kami’s soulful spirit leads her clients to unleash their magical manifestation powers and live out loud fueled with vitality and courage.

Kami is the founder of the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, Extraordinary Women Connect events, and host of the award-winning Extraordinary Women Radio™ – a podcast featuring wildly successful women living out loud in voice, vitality and vigor.

She is the Best Selling author of FIredancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose and Pony Ponderings Inspiration Cards

Kami was named to the 2020 Twenty-Five Most Powerful Women in Business by the Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce. 


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