The Prosperous Podcast Guest

Podcasting is the number one way to grow your business! 


Podcasting is HOT! In 2020, thirty-seven percent of the US population (104 million) had listened to a podcast in the last month – up from thirty-two percent in 2019. Twenty-four percent (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly. And forty-five percent of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.*


Podcasting has been the number one contributing factor to the exponential grown my business has had over the past several years!

Between hosting Extraordinary Women Radio and guesting on dozens of other shows, I have reached hundreds-of-thousands of listeners around the world – creating exponential revenue growthincreasing brand awareness and growing my attendance to live and virtual events.


My online community of changemaker women has grown in multitudes and with that, their worldly impact and growth expands daily. It’s a ripple effect that we make together. Their businesses also have grown exponentially, and they have reached new markets, new clients and expanded their voice and visibility around the world!


Growth in your business. Bottomline.

Podcasts can help you #RaiseUP your thought leadership authoritybuild brand awareness and even more importantly increase your Know, LOVE and trust factor with your ideal clients.  

Podcasting is the number one strategy to grow you business in a pandemic and beyond. With the increased podcast listenership, there is not an easier to get your message in front of thousands of your ideal clients.

You have a message to get out into the world; an impact to make! I will teach you how to:

  • Be an extraordinary podcast host that gets you invited on even more podcasts – because you’re such an extraordinary interviewee!
  • Deliver your most powerful stories and messages to create more leads, more revenue and grow your communities of impact!
  • Build a Know, LOVE and Trust factor that has your audiences wanting more of you and your magic!
  • Turn this magic into money coming through your door!

What is Included:

  • 6 Online Training Classes
  • Private Facebook Group, with access to Kami for direct feedback on your progression through the course, including your messaging, our podcast one sheet and more!
  • Prepare you to pitch and land more podcasts in your business
    • Messaging, stories and a framework to share your most important messages
    • Professional designed podcast one-sheet
    • Learn to pitch like a professional and where to find podcasts!
  • Bring the best YOU to the interview – be a great guest!
  • Equipment Know How
  • Content strategy beyond podcasting
  • Turning your Podcasts into Profit!

"Kami shares quality information you can implement NOW. You will gain the knowledge and skills to help you stand out as a great podcast guest in a way that will help you grow your business. By the end of the 6-week program, I had already booked shows and had podcast hosts reach out to me to be a guest on their show. Kami truly works to lift others up, to help you succeed, and this program does exactly that. "

Simone 'G' Giangiordano
BalanceUP® Lifestyle & Business Coach

The Prosperous Podcast Guest

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"This was the best use of my time, during a very hectic time. I now feel empowered to share my story, my mission, and my work knowing that I have a concise and compelling way to deliver it. And I'm already landing on podcasts!"

Susan Eckert
Feminine Empowerment Coach The Transformation Space®️ & H.E.R. Rapid Transformation Method

"This was the best class I took all year, so involving and encouraging. It’s apparent that Kami’s passion for podcasting is as inspiring to her as an instructor as it is to me as her student. The activities and homework were spot on, resulting in a polished podcast one-sheet I can really use, illuminating discussions, and a slew of resources, too. "

Kathleen June
How-To Trainer, Kathleen June Coaching

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