Welcome to Day Two of Extraordinary Women Ignite!


I invite you to set your timer a little early this morning and start your day off with this 25 minute meditation! 

Today, I'm sharing one of my favorite teachers on Insight Timer - a free app - that I highly recommend! 

The meditation is with Kenneth Soares and is called "Soul Energy Alignment: Self Love, Deep Healing and Awakening." 

It's a perfect meditation after your work on the essence of you and as you get ready to shine your light out into the world!

Go To Insight Timer and Tune In

Today's Downloads


Our Downloads for today include a Revenue Modeling Worksheet and an #RFactor Daily Touchstones tool to help you #RaiseUp how you resonate. The Revenue Model will download to your browser's lower left corner. The #RFactor document will open in a new window. Save both of these files to your computer to use over and over again.  

Download Your Business Revenue Model Worksheet Download an #RFactor Daily Touchstones

Friday, November 12:

#RaiseUP Your #RFactor and The Vision of Your Business - Strategy and Business Building 

8:00-9:00 visit booths

9:00 – Day Starts

9:30 - Morning Keynote with Briana Dai

Guest Speakers Day Two: 

  • Chelle Johnson, "Raise Up Your Mental Fitness Game"
  • Sarah Bohnenkamp, "The Anti-Average Business – Cultivating Epic Impact"

5:30 – 7:30 Happy Hour for all Guests at the Origin Red Rocks Hotel Bar

Your Friday Keynote Speaker


Briana Dai - International Brand Makeover Expert and Social Media Branding Phenom - Executive Leader at eWomen Network


Briana Dai


Briana Dai is an International brand makeover expert and social media branding phenom.

As the Creative Director at eWomenNetwork, Briana’s ideas are fresh, inspiring, and impactful and has helped thousands of women elevate their brand image and social media strategy.

She is a creative power strategist who enhances and elevates everything she touches. Her unique eye for design combined with a vast range of skills is as varied as her client list which includes Mariah Carey, Leanne Rimes, Martina Navratilova, Dell, Famous Footwear, James Avery, ESPN, New York Fashion Week, and more.

She is directing the creative future of marketing, branding, and communication for eWomenNetwork and the exciting Celebrity Science Division clients of the company.

Speaking to us on the Celebrity Science and building your brand online!

Friday Guest Speaker


Chelle Johnson

Chelle Johnson is a first-generation college graduate that grew up with limiting beliefs, fear, and dysfunction. Through faith, resilience, grit and determination, she held executive leadership roles in Talent Acquisition and HR at Fortune 50 companies such as: Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Quest Diagnostics and Honeywell. She lived and worked in Asia, Latin America, has a MBA, and speaks Spanish and English. She now helps high achievers and diversity allies amplify their awesome and have abundance in their career and life. Chelle is a career ally, change maker, and positive mental fitness authority that helps people be their best. She loves helping people get crystal clear on who they are and what they want, and building courage and confidence so that they can live abundantly. She is known for coaching and guiding people to listen to their inner wisdom, take risks, build their bravery and have the courage to seek their best life.

Speaking to us on Raise up your Mental Fitness Game!


Sarah Bohnenkamp

Sarah J. Bohnenkamp is a Chief Trailblazer of epic conversations. Her Twitter profile says “Momma of two little love muffins. Wife. Singer (and bad guitar player). Leadership Coach. Developer. Dreamer. Horse lover.” 

For 20+ years she’s been a hope dealer and developer of leaders. Sarah specializes in: 

  • Cultivating anti-average leadership with professionals and bold organizations who want to make an epic impact.
  • Creating and maximizing sustainable business systems with adventurous entrepreneurs and best-in-class organizations.
  • Cultivating curiosity and clear communication skills (in person and online).

Sarah attributes much of her success to lessons she's learned from horses, including her first horse "Buck" who taught her volumes about leadership, never saying a word. 

Today, she combines leadership lessons from horses like Buck, with a dash of juicy pop-culture situations, paired with powerful, real-world business experience in the financial and agriculture sectors, so she can deliver unforgettable experiences for clients around the world. She serves through her leadership coaching and consulting business, and through speaking and facilitating workshops, leveraging the communication skills she started cultivating as a young rodeo queen in Idaho. 

Follow Sarah on Instagram at @sarahjbohnenkamp or visit sarahjbohnenkamp.com.

Speaking to us on The Anti-Average Business – Cultivating Epic Impact