#RaiseUp Your Voice, Visibility and Business

Kami will show you how to make heartfelt connections to mindful strategies in your brand, your marketing and your business.

Six Business Breakthrough Modules

1) Raise Up the Essence of You, 2) Raise Up the Brand of You, 3) Marketing from the Inside-Out, 4) Raise Up Your Voice – the Emerging Expert in You Unleashed, 5) Raise Up Your Feminine Presence, 6) RaiseUp Your Visibility


Workbooks, Tools & Messaging Models

So you can use to build your client attracting brand and grow business.


Daily Pony Pondering Inspirations

A daily email, to bringing positive, thought-provoking guidance to your soul path.

90-Day Online Course

Kami will help you connect to your own powerful compass – for discovering your true voice in brand and visibility, for identifying new growth opportunities and for solving problems. You will move from chaos to alignment. You grow your business with more confidence and clarity on what it is you are meant to deliver into our world and a plan to make it happen. This 90-day online program will provide you with:

  • A guided journey to build your brand from the inside-out with soul-inspired guidance and proven approaches to light up your inner wisdom.
  • Wisdom to let go of brand elements that sound like the masses and tools to create a powerful matrix of messages and tools that speaks directly to who you want to serve.
  • The ability to attract your ideal clients with a magnetic brand that only you can own! And you can kiss the industry-standard pain-focused approach goodbye and replace it with aspirational messages that inspire and attract!
  • New knowledge to avoid the temptation to follow every shining star and marketing strategy, because you’ve defined your own marketing genius.
  • Tools to discover the right platforms to get your message out, aligned to who you are at your very best. Is it a book? Is it speaking? Are you a social media star?
  • Opportunities to breakthrough the cash challenges in your business with powerful client attraction strategies.
  • Insights on how to build a business in flow not in hustle

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