White Space, Green Dollars

Women CEOs Share Their Insights to More Time Prosperity and Wealth Prosperity in Your Business



Join us on Wednesday, December 13th

EST: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm ** CDT: 1:00 pm-2:00 pm ** MST: 12:00 pm -1:00 pm ** PDT: 11:00 am-12:00 pm









As we approach 2024, this event is for those who've said no to the relentless hustle and yes to creating businesses that truly work for them. It's about committing to building a different kind of business – one where success is measured not just in revenue, but in time prosperity and personal fulfillment.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, achieving work-life integration is more than a goal; it's a continuous journey, especially for women leading the charge in redefining what it means to scale a business. Our panel of esteemed women CEOs will share their personal stories and innovative strategies, revealing how they've managed to cultivate business environments that drive financial success while nurturing the invaluable 'white space' – those inspired moments of big picture thinking, creativity, and personal growth.

I'm ready for more time prosperity and wealth prosperity my business!

Your Host: Kami Guildner

Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller. A business coach for high vibe women entrepreneurs helping them #RaiseUP their Voice, Vision and Visibility for Impact and Business Growth.

Kami helps her clients build businesses they love with more time prosperity and more wealth prosperity. She weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, and this Soul+Strategy™ approach to business helps her clients succeed in business and worldly impact.

Her clients scale and grow their businesses, with a more feminine, abundant approach. Her community of entrepreneurs is creating a new paradigm of entrepreneurship, helping each other raise up in a ripple effect of impact. Her clients have gone on to reach extraordinary heights as consultants, coaches and leaders – achieving exponential revenue growth, landing on big stages, starting software companies, launching new professional organizations, transforming corporate cultures and transforming lives. They are influential and they are changemakers.

Kami is the founder of the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference and host of the award-winning Extraordinary Women Radio™. She is the best selling author of Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose and was named to the 2020 Twenty-Five Most Powerful Women in Business List by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

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The Panel:

Meghann Conter

Meghann Conter uses her power to connect, elevate, entertain, and celebrate extraordinary women as the CEO of The Dames, a global incubator for the greatness of women running and leading 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses. Meghann believes that anything can be accomplished through fearless collaboration, laughter, fun, and love.  Once a burnt-out, over-networked CEO, she is now THE global ultra connector for women who thrive in the space where self-worth and net-worth align. 

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Crista Grasso

Crista Grasso is the CEO & Founder of the Lean Out Method and creator of the Simplify to Scale System. She partners with Visionary CEOs and their teams to navigate through the messy middle of $500k - $5m and scale in a way that allows them to live a rich fulfilled life while leading a high-impact + high-profit business. Through private advisory and her signature Simplify to Scale mentorship experience, she helps businesses remove unnecessary complexity, uplevel their business operations, and build out their lean dream team including a right-hand person they can trust so the day-to-day is no longer dependent on the CEO.

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Darla LeDoux

Darla LeDoux the author of Shift the Field and founder of Sourced, a premier graduate school for transformational leaders. She supports coaches, consultants, creatives, and healers to offer and deliver deep transformational work with their magical gifts.

A chemical engineer turned intuitive guide, Darla is masterful at turning intangible concepts into practical ideas that make a difference.

She teaches clients how to alchemize old stuck energy patterns to create quantum leap-type results financially in their business and in their clients’ lives. Shift the energy field and transform the experience of life!

Darla and her team at Sourced envision a world where transformation is the norm, our inner knowing is our guide, and we trust that life is unfolding perfectly to bring forth our fullest expression.

They offer divinely guided business coaching and a transformational leadership certification, The Certified Sourced Leader.

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