Welcome to Day One of Extraordinary Women Ignite!



Hello my Extraordinary Women Friends,

Day One of Extraordinary Women Ignite you will be raising up the vision of your business and your impact.

I'll be sharing new world business strategies that help you grow your business with more time prosperity and more wealth prosperity.  

Registration opens at 7:45 am Thursday, November 10.

Join Cara York for light yoga and meditation from 8:00 - 8:25 am. We'll have a dozen or so yoga mats or bring your own mat if you wish if you're local. Wear clothing that allows for gentle movement and seated postures. We will create space in body, mind, and spirit to receive all the nourishment of Ignite! You'll have plenty of time to change in to your Ignite-wear before we kick off!

Visit the booths and start meeting the extraordinary women in the room from 8:25 am - 9 am. 

Be in your seat and ready to go at 9 am on the dot! See the full agenda below. 

I recommend you pre-download the below downloads, and bring your computer along on Day 1. You won't need it the rest of the week, but you'll find it useful on Day 1. 

You will receive a beautiful new journal when you arrive for the work that we'll be doing together over the next few days. I love how journals invoke our creative juices and playful spirit. This journal is where you'll do the majority of our work together over the next few days. 

Scroll on down for more goodies for today!

Much love,



Today's Agenda


Thursday, November 10:

#RaiseUP The Voice of You & #RFactor and The Vision of Your Business - Strategy and Business Building

7:45: Registration

8:00 – 8:25 am: Yoga with Cara York

8:25 - 9:00: Visit the booths and start meeting the extraordinary women in the room

9:00:  Conference Kickoff

#RaiseUP the Energy of You

The Vision of Your Business - Strategy and Business Building

Guest Speakers :

  • Meet our non-profit partner, Hands of the Carpenter
  • Tricia Turpenoff, "How to Capture the Attention of your Ideal Clients Without Saying a Word"

#RaiseUP the Voice of You

5:00 – Day Ends

5:30 – 7:30 VIP Party at Holidaily Brewery, 801 Brickyard Cir, Golden, CO 80403

Today's Speakers






Hands of the Carpenter

Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a nonprofit that serves working single moms by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile placement, repair and maintenance in an effort to relieve the enormous financial burden and related distress that automobile repair puts on this population and their opportunity for economic self-sufficiency. Hands mission offers hope to single women with dependent children, while providing automobile services, partnering in their efforts to be employed and pursue economic self-sufficiency.

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Tricia Turpenoff

Tricia Turpenoff's mission is to listen, hear and truly see you. To be able to capture your radiance, and essence, and elevate your image through the lens of her camera. Tricia has spent almost 30 years with all types of people capturing their personal history and branding their businesses. The difference you will feel when you work with her is that you will feel seen, acknowledged, and heard. It is her promise to you! 

Speaking to us on "How to Capture the Attention of  your Ideal Clients Without Saying a Word."

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Today's Downloads


We recommend you bring your computer on Day One, pre-loaded with the Revenue Model Worksheet. Our Downloads for today include a Revenue Modeling Worksheet and an #RFactor Daily Touchstones tool to help you #RaiseUp how you resonate. The Revenue Model will download to your browser's lower left corner. The #RFactor document will open in a new window. Save both of these files to your computer to use over and over again.  

Download Your Business Revenue Model Worksheet Download an #RFactor Daily Touchstones