Welcome to Day Two: Ignite Your Inner Fire and Elevate Your Message


Hello my extraordinary women friends,

Today is all about igniting your inner fire and elevating your message in the world. We're diving into a day filled with inspiration, connection, and empowerment at Ignite!

  • Firedancer Panel: We'll kick off with a Firedancer Panel, where you'll hear compelling stories from successful women CEOs who have blazed their own trails to success. Get ready to be inspired and energized by their journeys. And here's a secret... it hasn't been a straight line!
  • Your One Message for the World: Next, it's time to roll up our sleeves and dive into crafting your thought leadership message. Building upon the strong foundations we established yesterday, we'll focus on developing your One Message for the World. This thought leadership message will be the cornerstone that elevates your brand to new heights.
  • Know:LOVE:Trust Marketing: Following this, I will share how you can build a marketing approach that brings more soul clients your way. I'll flip traditional marketing on its head and provide you with the tools to attract a steady stream of your ideal clients into your business.
  • Soulful Speaking with Paula Friedland: Join me and Paula Friedland on the stage as we explore the art of speaking from the soul. Discover how to authentically connect with your audience through your words, leaving a lasting impact.
  • Jumpstart Yourself as an Author with Katrina Sawa: Katrina Sawa will enlighten us on how you can jumpstart yourself as an author, paving the way for more consistent client flow through your written words.
  • Inspiration Panel: Meet a panel of inspirational entrepreneurs who will impart their wisdom and expertise.
  • Your 2025 Plan: Finally, we'll put pen to paper and embark on the journey of building your 2024 business plan. This is where we'll nurture and raise up the CEO within you.

To close our day, Julia Bernadsky will lead a beautiful Untame Your Heart ceremony, leaving us with a sense of renewal and inner strength.

Let's open our hearts to a day of inspired connection and soul-inspired business building. 

Much love,



Friday, October 25:

#RaiseUP Your Visibility and CEO Business Building Capacities

8:00-9:00: visit booths

9:00: Day Starts

9:20: Firedancer Panel of Wisdom with Chelle Johnson, Arezou Zarafshan, Nicole Trick-Steinbach & Kathi McCarty

Your One Message for the World

Marketing & Visibility

Soul Speaks from the Stage

Panel of Inspiration

Guest Speakers: 

  • Paula Friedland, Soul Speaks from the Stage
  • Katrina Sawa, Jumpstart Yourself as an Author for More Consistent Client Flow
  • Julia Bernadsky, Untame Your Heart™

CEO Planning

5:00 – 7:00: Happy Hour at the Origin Red Rocks Hotel bar (cash bar)

Friday Guest Speakers



Paula Friedland

Paula Friedland, LCSW, CPCC has been a counselor, certified coach, public speaker and trainer for the past 20 years. She works with people one-on-one and in groups to help them create lives that are truly meaningful, fulfilling, and connected to what really matters to them.

She teaches public speaking through an approach called, Speaking Circles® and also co- facilitates a unique and transformative self development process called, Soul Speaks™. One of her passions and specialty areas is helping people break free from their fears around public speaking, so that they can find their true voices and become authentic, powerful speakers in all areas of their lives.

Before entering the counseling/coaching field, Paula spent 13 years as an actress and singer, pursuing theatre in New York City, and she brings the creativity and passion from her years in the theatre to all of her current work with people today.

Speaking to us about "Speaking from your Soul."

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Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is lovingly known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she kicks her clients into high gear making more money doing what they love and fast. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing & Sales System, 12x International Best-Selling author with 20 books including, Love Yourself Successful, Jumpstart Your New Business Now and the Jumpstart Your _____(blank) Series. Katrina is also the CEO of Jumpstart Publishing where she helps entrepreneurs publish books that generate more clients and revenue, and she’s the Founder of the International Speaker Network, a free, educational, networking group with thousands of members.

Speaking to us on "Jumpstart Yourself as an Author for More Consistent Client Flow."

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Julia Bernadsky

Julia Bernadsky is an artist & the founder of Untamed Hearts, Creator of The Messages from The Universe Project, and Co-Founder of the Conscious Life Collective platform. Julia works with energy, guided by highly attuned intuitions, and she is also a Theta Healer. All parts of her work come together through Untamed Hearts where she creates beautiful & meaningful objects/jewelry infused with energy.

Her biggest desire is to inspire people to live their life with intent. Untamed Hearts is a purpose-driven brand where they are bringing together the worlds of Energy, Beauty & Consciousness, and Healing. Their pieces are stamped with “Peace For All” – it’s their message to the world. 

Speaking to us on "Untame Your Heart™."

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